First Aid Supplies

First Aid

Our Custom-Designed First Aid Supplies

Safe, Safety and Fire Equipment has a complete line of first aid supplies for your business. Call us and our fully-stocked first aid truck will reach your location as soon as possible.

Let our knowledgeable professionals custom design a first aid kit for you, based on your needs. We provide first aid supplies for offices, restaurants, construction sites, marine and aviation fields, and vehicles.

Keep Your Workplace Safe With Our First Aid Kits 

We supply first aid kits based on your industry's hazards, your company's proximity to medical help, and the number of employees on the job site. As an employer, you're required to provide:
  • First aid kits for various injuries that may occur in the workplace
  • First aid supplies that are readily available to employees at all times
  • First aid kits that are inspected at least once a month
  • First aid supplies that are individually packaged for one-time use only

Benefits of Choosing Safe, Safety and Fire Equipment for Your First Aid Needs

  • Compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Regularly inspected
  • Custom designed kits
  • Supplies are checked for expiration dates
  • Tablets packaged for single use
  • Tamper-evident packaging requirements with full labeling as required by FDA regulations
  • Ingredients known to cause no drowsiness
The requirements are changing! Effective from the June of 2016, be sure you're OSHA or ANSI compliant.
We deliver first aid supplies!
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We are a locally owned company that has been in the business since 1976. Get first aid kit installation, restocking, inspection, and sanitization services from us.
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